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Structure characteristics of ADSS cable

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At present, there are two main kinds of ADSS fiber optic cable: the central tube structure and the structure of the fiber optic cable.

A center tube structure: fiber to the excess length placed filling tube (or other suitable material) of the water stopping factice PBT in, according to the required tensile strength around the appropriate aramid yarn package, and then squeeze of PE (< 12kV electric field intensity) or at (less than or equal to 20kV electric field strength sheath. The center tube structure is easy to obtain the small diameter, the ice wind load is small, the weight is also relatively small, but the optical fiber Yu Changyou limit.

Layer twisted type structure: optical fiber loose tube to certain pitch winding system in the central strength member (FRP) after extrusion of sheath (in small tension and small span can be canceled), then according to the required tensile strength around the appropriate aramid yarn package, and then squeeze of PE or at sheath. Cable core filled ointment, but when the ADSS in larger span and with certain sag under, due to the small resistance ointment, cable core easy sliding, loose casing section from easy to change, therefore, to loose tube fixed in the center to strengthen and dry cable core is excellent, but there is a certain degree of difficulty of the process. Stranded structure easy to obtain security fiber excess length, although slightly larger in diameter and weight, in large span application has more advantage.

According to the electric field intensity of ADSS fiber optic cable can be divided into AT protective type and the standard type of PE sheath. The characteristics of ADSS optical fiber cable are as follows:

(1) it is designed for power system. It is a kind of self supported aerial optical fiber cable, which is not containing any metal materials in the structure;

(2) the whole insulation structure and the high voltage resistance index, which is good for the construction and operation of the electric power line, which is not affected;

(3) the tensile strength of high anti Lun materials that can withstand strong tension, meet the requirements of large span of overhead power lines, and can prevent the birds peck and man-made shooting;

(4) the ADSS cable thermal expansion coefficient is small, in the temperature change is large, radian change of optical cable is very small and the weight light, the shoe ice and wind resistibility is smaller.


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